What if every night was Christmas Eve and everyday was Christmas?

What if all the lights were twinkle lights and shone across the sky?

What if reindeer flew beyond the moon and children danced in circles

Around the tree all trimmed in gold with angels set on high?


What if candy canes were as tall as your house with swirls of red and green?

What if presents grew in gardens to be picked like a pumpkin or peach?

What if silver bells hung from the end of our noses as shiny as shiny can be?

Would we laugh ‘til we dropped at the jingling sound that jangled through all of our speech?


What if choirs sang on every corner in perfect harmony?

And we knew all the words, to all of the songs and they all had a reggae beat.

What if your stocking was filled each morning by Santa or one of his elves?

And right at the bottom – stuck in the toe – was an amazing and magical treat?


                What if your Nanna and Poppa were there to wake you with big warm hugs and kisses?               

And your favourite cousins and your uncle and aunt were coming for turkey and pie.

What if all good things and wonderful feelings were wrapped just waiting for you

 Under the tree, the beautiful tree, a tree that reached to the sky?


What if every night was Christmas Eve and everyday was Christmas?

And we found ‘peace on earth’ in a big ball of holly stuck in a snowdrift of white?

 Would we finally fa- la- la figure it out – would we realize just what we have?

That the joy and merry, the twinkle and jolly is with us from morning to night.


Merry Every Day Michelle.

by Susan McElroy – written for my friend Michelle – who so loves Christmas.