Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Some things are black and white. Some are grey.

Welcome to Susan McElroy & Associates Limited AND Susaningrey.ca

In 2019 we decided to combine two websites as a temporary measure but once we did it – we liked it and so we’ve decided to keep them together.


2021 has been named ‘and the gods keep the adventures coming’.  In 2019 we did some re-branding and found ways to push the limits. We liked it and so we continued with the theme in 2020 (and then COVID19 showed us what real adventure is).

But as we move into 2021 we feel as if the adventure gods may be playing fast and loose with us but we’ll keep the focus on adventure,  our eye on the ball and give others a heads up as to where we’re headed as soon as it becomes clear to us.  In the meantime we’ll continue to seek out excitement and wonder and everything that makes life sparkle and snap.  We encourage you to do the same.

Experiences of every size or shape qualify because ADVENTURE comes in all forms and often unexpectedly.  

Spontaneity and adventure are close cousins who, operate successfully as independents, but together they put the icing on the cake.  How sweet is that!

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