It’s a warm August day and life’s about to start clocking our miles.

Cut the cards and deal me in!

I hear there’s an official timekeeper on the job.

So far. So good.


Not certain if this will be imperial or metric, but we’re equally at home with both.

One thing’s for certain though – it won’t be a straight run.

No matter what lens you choose there’ll be some adjustment required but

So far. So good.


From Sacramento – yes – that capital C stands for the gold rush state

We’re in up to our necks.

To just outside Strathroy. Where? Ontario? Where? Canada! Oh, that’s nice.

So far. So good.


Put your shoes on darlin’ this is goin’ to be a REAL trip – cool 60’s speak.

Around the world in three thousand days (or so)

Can’t decide which was hotter – Tahiti or Chernobyl.

So far. So good.


But home is where the heart is and his little heart beats to its own drummer.

Imagine that…and the award goes to… what a lifetime achievement.

We should get this on tape – something for posterity or cold winter nights in front of the fire.

So far. So good.



The view from here remains altered, a little skewed, tilted – always changing.

As our minds keep time with this stepping out of the ordinary and up and up.

There are some steep bits, some rocky bits, imagine that.

So far. So good.


Notches on a doorframe mark time and time marches on – to its own beat.

Still our collective rhythm grows stronger and it’s got some funky old soul.

Imagine that. Where’s the timekeeper and what’s his watch say?

So far. So good.


It’s a warm August day and life’s changing all around us.

Captured on canvas. Built on family foundations.

Wrapped in thousands of sunsets and sunrises.

So far. So good.



By Susan McElroy – on the occasion of Wendy and Charles 30th wedding anniversary.