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Summer 2023: 

It was a strange popping, crackling noise that we heard in the trees along the north side of the road.  It’s just straight bush there on either side of the road and while home to various wildlife there was nothing we knew made that kind of noise.  Thick with a mix of evergreen, cedar and various deciduous trees the dense woods hide the view to the lake but if there’s any wind you can hear the waves on the shore.  The forest makes noise and today the wind was gusting pretty good so this unfamiliar sound was masked by leaves rustling and the water rolling. It wasn’t constant but it was there.  It puzzled us. This intermittent sound didn’t belong in the forest. 

The trees swirled again and as flailing branches lurched forward and back they suddenly revealed the origin of the sound. Sparks flew from the branches of a tall poplar tree cascading downward.  What an unexpected show. The high voltage hydro lines twisted within the trees branches and with each windy push the lines collided and exploded into a shower of bright balls of light. Seconds later the smoke began to rise from the floor of the bush. Fire!  We had fire.  More snapping and popping from overhead threw sparks onto growing flames. We had to act quickly. Hesitate and we’d be lost.  The bush would be lost.     



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Near Big Bay, Ontario - Grey County

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Paintings and artwork pieces

Moose in the Woods

Oil on canvas.  A large canvas (4 X 5), which was initially rather daunting, but once he started to come to life it just made perfect sense.

I love a moose.

Gorilla (of my dreams)

And I’ve always loved gorillas.  I think we (as a species) pale in comparison to many others.  Again – a large canvas but not as large as the moose.

Oil on canvas.

Natural Sculpture

Have been playing around with sculptures made from natural materials.  Gathered and waxed (just as I did as a child) maple leaves and then pressed but then I went just a bit further into uncharted presentation territory.  I’m happy with the result.  They are so sturdy and beautiful.

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By Georgian Bay, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

.Hamish and Misty Moo’s Midnight Adventure

This is a story about adventure and what happens when we follow our heart. It’s a story about trust and friendship. Why we step outside our comfort zones and the amazing things that happen when we do.
Come along on this Highland adventure as the ‘coos’ find where the moon sleeps.