My Tarot Journey


It’s all about what you believe really.

I believe in the power of mind and therefore the individual.

I believe we can learn from asking questions of ourselves and others.

I believe the ability to ‘read’ a person or situation, to see the underlying tension or hear the unspoken questions.

I believe one can know what people are thinking.

I believe I was born with the ability to feel what was happening around me as well as what I see or hear.  

I believe one is wise to trust their ‘feelings.’

I believe the ‘elephant in the room’ syndrome is pervasive and capturing the nuances of this invisible pachyderm provides valuable information for communication purposes.

I believe the Tarot opens up pathways for ideas and considerations we may be missing.

I believe engaging all aspects of our lives – the spiritual, the physical, the conscious and the unconscious – provides expanded knowledge and confidence.

Do you believe?

Welcome the Tarot

Let a Tarot reading open doors to unseen thoughts and influences.