Strategic Communications Planning – we all need a plan and all plans are different.  Susan works from a clean page for every client.  She brings experience, common sense and talent to the table. Susan will help you create your message and find the correct medium(s) to deliver your message.  It can be simple or complex but it must always be made special order.


Branding and teaching you how be true to your brand – how to teach your employees how to be true to your brand and when to know when to change your brand.


Corporate Change Management – things change – they have to – they should – but change is scary for many people and successful change means taking the FEAR out of the scenario.

Susan can help you stay calm and in control.  She’s very good at this.


Internal Communications – messages inside your business or organization are as important as those you send outward, in fact,  you must have the inside working well if your outside messaging is to look as good and work as well as you hope.


Promotion- Public Relations – aka – Getting You Out In The World Without Looking Like You Wanted to Be There Or Paid Someone To Help You


Fixing Things – this is a general category because in the world of communication sometimes messages get broken.  They get dropped or bent or twisted around and then they don’t work very well.  Sometimes you know exactly what happened and sometimes you just know things just aren’t working. We can fix it.

Susan is good at fixing things.  She has the tools and the experience. She can tell when it’s time to start fresh or if the next steps are a salvage job.


The 30,000 foot view or what some people like to call the Big Picture.

Susan isn’t afraid of heights and having someone capable of getting a good view of your situation is helpful when you need to determine the best direction. If required she can help you change course.


Crisis Communication – yes, we do that too and more importantly we can teach you how to recognize what’s a crisis and what isn’t a crisis.  Here’s a tip – STRENGTH is the most critical element in any crisis communication strategy.  It is also the scarcest element.  Susan can help you understand why knees get wobbly. She can help you develop the skills to stay strong.