Question: What to do when you find yourself with a moose?

Answer: You create cards, write an explanation and distribute them to others –  2 in a envelope.

Moose in woods - oil on canvas - Susan McElroy 2019 inspired by the 'Year of Adventure'

Moose in woods – oil on canvas – Susan McElroy 2019 inspired by the ‘Year of Adventure’

A year of adventure. 

This HAS been a year of adventure and as the end of 2019 rolls into view I decided to share ‘my moose’ painting, well, actually it’s a photo of the painting making it’s way through the woods from studio to house. Paint more was on my list of things to do in 2019 and not only did I succeed in realizing this goal I actually painted larger – you know ‘go big or go home’(this one is 4’ X 5’). One would expect to use a big space to paint a moose. Right?!

The enclosed card is meant to convey best wishes for a wonderful holiday season be it Christmas or something else you celebrate AND an example of what can be accomplished when one embraces adventure. To be clear, I am encouraging adventure but, unlike some recently converted vegans I met the other day, I’m not obsessive about my life choice.

Now, I understand not everyone likes change and some people find solace in what they know. Once a comfortable place is found it’s where they intend to stay and that’s cool too.

Self determination is a good thing.

My comfort zone, however, lies right in the middle of ‘I’ve never done this but I’d like to’ land. The need to hang right over the cliff (figuratively most of the time) is, I’m certain, in my genetic code. It’s what keeps my life interesting and my conversations packed with a great many sentences that begin “Guess what I did.”

AND as some of you already know I like to share, so here’s the moose. How he came to be is one of those stories best told over dinner or at least a glass of wine but I do want to say thanks at this point to Bill for pulling out the canvas and telling me it was time AND to my sister Sharon who knew the power inherent in two very large tubes of brown paint. What a great birthday present. (Help is sometimes required when you’re adventuring.)

So, that’s it. I hope you enjoy the moose and what it symbolizes and when 2020 gets here don’t hesitate to make your dreams happen. Big adventures or little wishes, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy!

Finally, I’ve sent two cards because I wanted you to have one but I also thought you might know someone who could use a reminder about the value and potential of a personal adventure. In fact, I’m certain you do so take the second card and give it to someone today. Put it in an envelope, leave it on their desk, drop it in their mail box, stick it under their windshield wiper or their door – it doesn’t matter – but share the moose.

AND for anyone asking themselves, “Why did I get this?” Well, just because I thought you’d appreciate the card, the message and a gentle adventure nudge.

Cheers, Susan


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