Lost in Grey and Loving It

Did I mention the trees?

Did I mention the trees?

I got lost in Grey County today and it was SPLENDID. 

How?  Well, I took a wrong turn, ignoring well-meaning advice to ‘stay off the gravels roads” and throwing caution to the wind. The result was an hour of wandering the back roads of central Grey County.  Yes, what was expected to be a simple, late afternoon drive from Clarksburg to Big Bay became an ADVENTURE.  I love adventure and while  I apparently have a significant lack of directional sense my geographical genetic misfire took me down roads much less traveled and brimming with surprises.  How perfect is that?

The BEST was a right turn that put me on a gravel road completely canopied with green.  Tall trees lined up on the left and right, stretching up and over until they touched.  I slowed my speed to make my drive through this tunnel of towering maple sentries last as long as possible.  It was magical.  (For anyone interested in finding this amazing space head south on the Townline from Walter’s Falls and keep an eye out for Robson Road.  Enjoy.)

I haven’t lived in Grey County very long and with that newbie status comes the ability to DISCOVER at every turn and over the crest of each hill.  For anyone who doesn’t know already – Grey County landscapes are stunning.

So, as I searched (but not that hard) for a path to take me home, I drifted past century farms, rolling fields and woodlands that continued for miles.  From my view atop Kemble Mountain I saw Georgian Bay stretch its dark deep waters to the horizon.  I discovered hamlets tucked away at crossroads and stone houses that have stood since the first settlers.  And the trees, miles of trees – did I mention the trees?

If I hadn’t been lost I would never have found Massie or traveled the Massie Road, both paved and unpaved.  It’s definitely off the beaten path. Twists and turns revealed fields of sheep or cattle or crops just beginning to show in the dark earth.  Just as unexpected were the new builds where architecture from the 21st century marries with the natural landscape.  I think perhaps those homes will welcome newcomers, who, like me, are smitten by the trees and land.

Multiple encounters with road construction crews and detour signs had me crisscrossing the municipality but I didn’t care.  And I soon found I wasn’t alone in my adventure as a short chat with a gentleman in a large Dodge truck confirmed.  I noticed him stopped at a crossroad, hesitating in his directional decision. We rolled down our respective windows and compared stories. Turns out he too was searching for passage through the hinterland and was stymied by the CLOSED ROAD signs.  Interestingly enough he didn’t appear bothered by the challenges either.  Turning on his SAT NAV he identified our location and pointed me in the direction of home but (yet again) I soon ignored the suggested route and chose a more beckoning turn.  I was loving my adventure. An hour later I found familiar scenery on the outskirts of Chatsworth and headed northwest with confidence. I’d invested an hour touring the countryside and it was time well spent.

Homeward, and Big Bay was just where I’d left it.  It too is SPLENDID.









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