A morning walk through boughs and branches

My steps on earth where nature dances

Have slipped me carefully into a mixed


Wild sweet peas line a tilting pathway

Petals hot and pale pink in turn sway

Amid the cornflowers blue and bright


Crouching together sunshine yellow

Tiny trefoil wrap tight their fellow

Blossoms while lacey ferns fill the space


A crowning glory rises up in white

This Queen’s lace of Anne is patterned right

Such a fine petal stitched by fairies


Scattered among this glorious maze

Thistle tops and clover sweet fill the vase

Across a country corridor besotted with


So what do I bring to this bouquet?

How do I fit this assembled array?

I ponder my purpose, my place in the plan


By Susan McElroy – August 2020 – following a morning walk through flora, fauna, and foliage